SIM Cards and Mobile Rental Services in Ethiopia

Red Zebra is the first the only place that provides SIM card and mobile phone rental service in Ethiopia.


Why should I rent a mobile phone when I am visiting Ethiopia?

Renting mobile phone makes it easy to keep in touch with your family and others while travling. It can be used to get help if you are lost. Using your hotel's fixed phone is inconvenient and very expensive.

I already have a mobile phone, can I just rent a SIM card?

If you already have a GMS mobile phone that works in Ethiopia, you can just rent a SIM card from us. Our rate for SIM card rental only is cheaper.

Does the mobile serivce work outside Addis Ababa?

Yes, there are decent coverage around the following cities: Dire Dawa, Harar, Dese, Gonder, Mekele, Nekemete and others.

Red Zebra offers the least expensive and simple mobile service solution. We provide SIM card and mobile retnal services in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The phone service can be used to make or receive call from any where in world.

All incoming local and international calls are free.

SIM cards rental rate:
- Birr 120 (around USD $12) per week
- Birr 330 (around USD $33) per month
- Birr 40 (around USD $4) per day

SIM cards with mobile phone rental rate:
- Birr 220 (around USD $22) per week
- Birr 660 (around USD $66) per month
- Birr 80 (around USD $8) per day
There is a 400Birr (around USD44) total refundable deposit for the phone. We refund the desopsit when the phone is return.

Contact us to reserve your SIM card:

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